GeoSequel® was developed by TerraSource Software® for managing drill holes, drill hole samples, channel samples, geochemical samples, blast holes, monitor wells; all the data you generate in exploration and mining.  It protects your investment in the exploration and development of resources and reserves.  It moves you away from easily corrupted spreadsheets and single user databases and you can quit wasting time searching for the latest version of data.  There will be one accurate, non-corrupted version of the truth and that is the one securely stored in GeoSequel®.


  • Has role based security
  • Has a highly relational database design that ensures data integrity
  • Has a robust, web-based front end that works with any browser
  • Is adaptable to any metal, industrial mineral, cement, or aggregate deposit
  • Interfaces with in-house or commercial labs
  • Connects to geological modeling and mine planning software including Surpac, GEMS, Minesight and Vulcan
  • Also connects to Access databases and ESRI Geodatabases
  • Has a full suite of reports included for QA/QC, summaries, and error checking
  • Makes it easy to create custom reports with SQL Reporting Services
  • Increases investor and management confidence
  • Facilitates 43-101 type resource and reserve reports

Additional modules include:

For detached field logging and connected logging.  Synchronize easily with the master database once a connection is re-established.

Create and edit transmittals.  Insert duplicates, standards, and blanks and renumber sample series.  Import analytical certificates using lab specific templates.

Connect to geological modeling and mine planning software.  Easily convert to favored units of measurements.  Set up rules for handling analyses from different techniques, and handling below and above detection limits.  Because of the rigorous normalization of the GeoSequel schema and high degree of data integrity, the output is consistent and repeatable.