TerraSource Software™ is a solution partner with Dassault Systèmes’ GEOVIA.  On the mining side we are value added resellers for Surpac, Whittle, MineSched and InSite.

  • GEOVIA Surpac™ is a complete geological modeling and mine planning package.  It is very modular and can be tailored for mine engineers, mine geologists or mine surveyors. GEOVIA Surpac™ Quarry Edition is a lower cost version of Surpac.  For open pit operations with relatively simple geology, Quarry can provide all of the tools that you need.  It is widely used at industrial mineral and aggregate quarries.
  •  GEOVIA Whittle™ is the world’s most trusted strategic mine planning software.  It is most often used for the definition of optimal pit shells; however, Whittle is also used for defining the best developmental strategy, defining extraction sequence for each period, and optimizing the mine schedule, cut-off grade, stockpiles and target blending into a single step.
  •  GEOVIA MineSched™ is a very intuitive application for open pit production scheduling, underground development scheduling, underground production scheduling and target blending from multiple stockpiles.  Production from multiple mines can also be scheduled.
  • GEOVIA InSite™ is an optimal data management system for mining operations.  The quality and quantity of materials mined and processed are tracked, stockpiles are managed  and monthly reconciliations between planned and actuals are greatly facilitated.  In addition, costs can be allocated to specific resources.  Most importantly you can be confident in the accuracy of the data and that data is readily available to make informed, timely decisions.