Cordex has been using the Geosequel tools for drill hole logging and data base management for two years. We have found GeoSequel quite easy to use and are very pleased. We have had multiple Cordex users, with a wide variation in their skill sets, and all have been able to use the system successfully.

Mr. Andy Wallace, Owner and Geologist – Cordex Exploration Company

GeoSequel has been a reliable data management system for our exploration and blast hole data since our mine went into production. It is a fast and responsive interface between our lab and ore control departments—GeoSequel Tools can immediately show which samples were picked up and entered into the system and which samples the lab has finished assaying. It has a large number of useful QA/QC and informational reports that we use daily. The support on this product has been great—we talk to Don whenever we have a question or an issue and he can usually write a script for a fix or arrange a screen share within the same day. Our mine depends on GeoSequel to consistently provide the data we need to make our daily production decisions.

Sara Holden, Ore Control Geologist & Pete Herrera, Chief Geologist- Golden Queen Mining Company

I found the GeoSequel software package to be a great tool to manage drilling and geochem data for a drilling project as it was advanced from an early-stage to an intermediate-stage exploration project. GeoSequel is a multi-faceted package. Using the “Logger”, multiple “rig geologists” may enter details of lithology and alteration in a “disconnected” (tailgate of pickup) environment. Multiple loggers may customize drop-downs and maintain consistency in the lithologic logs. The “Tools” included with GeoSequel are simple to use. The import tool allows for direct import of electronically transmitted assay data which I found important to avoid corruption of data that may occur by manual manipulation of spreadsheets. Standards, duplicates and blanks in the assay stream are easily dealt with. Tools for QA/QC are built-in to examine the integrity of logging, assay, down-hole and collar data. While the software requires only general computer literacy, "power users" will appreciate the robust customization available to produce up-to-date reports with a consistent structure. I found that GeoSequel keeps all the data together for use in modelling programs. I used Target for ArcGIS as the modelling package and for maps and cross-sections. The drill-hole data represented is the most current which is important to geologists that use the "on-the-fly" drill planning method. Tech support is great. Questions and issues were always addressed in a very timely manner. I recommend the GeoSequel package. It will save time and money when begin to model your resources.

Jim Greybeck- Consulting Geologist for Cordex

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